For Your Ears Only (Ivory Tower Spies Book 1)

Seventeen-year-old Loveday has been training to be a spy in a secret underground bunker known only as the Ivory Tower. When she and her team are sent out on their first mission, it’s an easy one. A test of their abilities. All they have to do is crack a ring of car thieves for London’s premiere hotel owner, Charles Darnay.



Categories: Sci-Fi

Sugar and Vice: Cupcake Truck Mysteries

Who would kill a hundred-year-old man at his own 100th birthday party? That’s what cupcake truck owner Isabel Addington is left asking herself when she’s hired to cater a birthday party where the guest of honor dies before he can even taste her cupcakes.



Categories: Cozy Mystery

Wolves In The Desert: Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels Three

When his squad is deployed to Iraq, Gunnery Sergeant Garfield Feldman leads them in a series of operations against forces loyal to Saddam Hussein.
Recently rumors have been flying around base that the enemy has learned a few new tricks, and found ways to ambush Marine units from buildings that had been declared clear.



Categories: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

A Life Worth Living

Leah Donaldson and Eve West may be identical twins, but their personalities and lives couldn’t be more different. A journalist, Leah is a caring, compassionate person who would do anything for those she loves, especially her sister’s twin daughters. She longs for a life like Eve’s.



Categories: Women’s Fiction