Wolves In The Desert: Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels Three

When his squad is deployed to Iraq, Gunnery Sergeant Garfield Feldman leads them in a series of operations against forces loyal to Saddam Hussein.
Recently rumors have been flying around base that the enemy has learned a few new tricks, and found ways to ambush Marine units from buildings that had been declared clear.



Categories: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Black Fog

The final book in The Mouse series.
Sunny is broken. Heart, mind and spirit. Annabel and the rest of the squad are trying to keep her focused on the goal – destroying Nesti – but she can’t stop thinking about what she’s lost.
And worse, she can’t stop thinking about what she might become if she can’t find her way out of the darkness.
Number 4 in the series is nail-biting, intense, and wholly satisfying.



Categories: Sci-Fi, Teen & Young Adult

The Bug Boys Vs. Professor Blake Blackhart

The fantastic superhero adventure that began with The Bug Boys continues! Alex Adams and Ian Harris take on Blake Blackhart, a disgraced Oxford professor. He discovers the boys source of power and plots to use the Sectis alien technology to wreak havoc across the galaxy.



Categories: Sci-Fi, Middle Grade

The Arks of Andromeda

The Imperium is in turmoil! Seven centuries after the sleeper ships brought us to Andromeda, our human empire is plagued by war, intrigue, and a mysterious secret that may tear it apart!



Categories: Sci-Fi