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Playing at Love: A Courtside Romance


Kyle Samuels is the bad boy of the tennis circuit, and poor Teagan Archer is the good girl who has been sent by his management company to keep him in line. It’s a hot summer of tennis, and things are about to get a whole lot hotter.

Teagan has always wanted to join her father’s sports management team, but Greg Archer thinks it’s no place for his baby girl, so he’s out to prove a point. If she can keep Kyle in line for the summer, she can have her own stable of clients and if not, there’s no spot for her at Archer Sports.

Kyle Samuels knows he should cool it. He can feel everything slipping away, but somehow he just can’t stop himself. Then he gets the news that his family farm is failing back in Australia and they could lose everything. Kyle knows his family sacrificed everything for him and tennis, so now it’s time to step up and play the summer of his life. Unfortunately being told what to do has never worked well for Kyle and Teagan seems to do nothing but that.

It seems they both want the same thing, but can they work together to get it? Or will the chemistry between them combust and burn them both?

If you like sweet sports romance you'll love Playing at Love.

This novella is the first book in the new Courtside Romance Series.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Monique is an Australian author who writes fun, flirty contemporary women's fiction including chick lit and romance. After many attempts writing books that made her miserable she decided to write books with happy endings and has been loving the journey ever since.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amy B. Wells is an author and nurse anesthetist. When she isn't writing, reading or working, she loves to travel, eat good food and drink good wine.

Visit her website here: https://amywellspublishing.com/

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